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Our philosophy, how we works and our expertise

Our focus is mainly on Java programming, with a long track of experience in implementing web portals and mission critical applications for top clients.

Many of the projects in which we took part in were made from scratch, from the initial drawing or Business Analysis, to the coding and testing of the impact on end users experience. Thanks to that, we have gained significant knowledge in many other areas of expertise, which allow us to hold positions of pure programming or functional roles.

In addition to Java, we program in other technologies such as Adobe Flash Actionscript, and Objective-C for iPhone, iPad.

While moving in the scope specified by the customer, we try to produce more clean code, stable, maintainable, using established standards rather than resorting to using the latest technological innovations. We recommend and implement the technical and frameworks suitable for the project.

We take care of a lot of our work, and we are satisfied when a project, once completed, we can perform handovers in a short time, when the project is up and running with no downtime.

Why is the word Zen in the name of the company: we like clean lines, basic, streamlined. We like the order of things and in things, and it is also our approach when writing code.