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We develop specific technical tests and targeted for effective evaluation of IT human resources

In information technology workplaces one of the common problem in the selection of new resources to join the existing team of developers, is the correct evaluation of the technical preparation. The problem becomes even more important when there are no internal resources with specific skills: if I have to evaluate a Java Architect, a DBA or a figure of high professionalism, as I do if I do not like comparing a figure equally experienced?

The curriculum is not enough: every working group is different. Every workplace revolves around the specific needs dictated by the particular context. Many questions we ask our candidates may be unnecessary, if we ignore the global context in which these are going to enter. The worst result is that he could not locate the resource with the highest potential. Therefore it's necessary to have effective tools, readily available at our disposal that provide a quick solution to this problem.

Our technical tests are those instruments. We start first by doing an accurate analysis of two factors:

  • context: legacy infrastructure, team and existing skills
  • evolution: how this infrastructure and its team will evolve technically

 then our team of professionals, highly skiiled and experienced, will develop and refine in a short time, a series of technical entrance tests targeted to the specific needs of the customer.

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