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A quick overview about what's behind the new Web & Zen website, its design and the overall structure.

The new site follows the current guidelines of the modern web sites.

No shadows or effects, few colors, larger and readable font.

The navigation menu is actually a fast track to the relevant informations rather than a classic menu. The fast track is there for a user to quickly find the subjects of interest he usually looks for.

The subjects we are referring to form a very simple, logic and effective path: who we are, services offered, client portfolio and then contacts. This simple analysis is also enforced by analyzing the statistics of the old web site, where is clearly shown that the point of access and exit to and from the web site are basically the same.

In the overall design there aren't sections or submenu attached to sections, which changes all the time upon each click. We think that this can lead to confusion, so we reduced everything to content and information, and related information. Basically it's a graph rather than a classic web site tree.

Information is the concept behind everything, so important that the domain name is now .info. An ECM, Alfresco, act as point of delivery for all the documents and the content, and the web and zen site is a web tier between the user and the ECM.

Information is gathered in two distinct concepts: main content and related content. The main content has a title, an image when mades available, a description, a set of metadata and the content itself. The related content is below the main content, boxed in a smaller space, and made entirely clickable, to facilitate navigation within touch devices.

Altough a responsive design web site is not ready yet, the css allow an elastic layout, with relative font size and positioning rather than absolute, em in place of px, by magnify or reducing the font size, the web site will adapt itself without loosing the layout.

There wuold be more to say, but we stop here to not bother you more than we already did. We hope you enjoy this work, and feel free to give suggestions and advice, or to point any problems you may have with the web site.